Why write about it?

I’ve talked about, thought about and done volunteering a fair bit in the last ten years.  I’ve not always called it that, but I’ve done it.  Campaigns, community events, sponsored runs, mentoring, and other stuff.

I have been interested to see since having my daughter that before I was in charge of an actual real life child, I had very different opinions about volunteering alongside one.

As volunteer managers, I think we can learn something about the way we create roles to take into account a parent and child: we could involve more parents, build capacity and open up our organisations to different perspective and ways of working.

As volunteers, parents could perhaps be more informed, prepared. and confident; taking the plunge that an organisation might just benefit from them turning up with their kid.  Or even just learn that it’ okay to set your sights reeeeeeeally low for what you aim to get done.

As well as wanting to record some great little experiences with my daughter, I’m learning a huge amount every time I volunteer about what’s possible with a child and how we could make things better as volunteers and volunteer managers.

So I’m writing it.  Cheers!


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