Hello.  I’m Rebecca.  I get involved, I get other people involved, and I train others in the same as a volunteer management trainer. I also have a three year old daughter.

This year I’m exploring what it means to get involved and make a difference… with a kid in tow.  A pointless waste of energy?  An opportunity for me to continue learning despite the shackles of parenting?  An opportunity for everyone else to learn about engaging and working alongside little people?  Just… what everyone’s doing anyway?

Dagenham AutoC

Growing Communities’ Dagenham Starter Farm

Ultimately, I’d love to see how far I can take it – and how far others can – and I have a mini-dream of getting to an off-grid farming community.  We’ll see if me and her make it!

More about why I’m writing and what I hope to find out and share here.

If you are doing the same: planning, doing, getting involved with community projects and causes with your child: and you have an experience to share with other potential volunteers or volunteer managers – please get in touch!


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