Those leaflets about the trains.

rorobusivybannerOr…the day I spent ALL DAY in the Olympic Park!

Through the eyes of a 4.5 yr old… as imagined by a 39 yr old… who knows the 4.5 yr old QUITE well.

“We got up in the DARK… and mummy told me to put THREE layers on my legs… So I knew it must be one of her Outside Ideas.  Sometimes on Mummy’s Outside Ideas I get moany.  Mummy’s learning that I don’t get moany when I’m not cold…

We got on her bike and did a long cycle… when we went past the shop with the giant plastic fruit hanging outside, the fruit was ALL LIT UP! So it REALLY was night time!leaflets close up

And then we saw some people at a station, and they gave Mummy lots of leaflets with train maps on.

And Mummy gave the leaflets to strangers.

And I: Danced in a Twirly Way..


…and zoomed…



…and danced with pigeons…












…and Looked at the Lips…






(I think some of them look like mushrooms but mummy doesn’t agree AT ALL) and talked about Why the Lips Are There. Mummy thinks it’s to hide the old shops, but she doesn’t think it hides them, and she doesn’t see why you should hide them anyway.

And Mummy gave strangers leaflets again.

And then we bought coffees for people and a SMOOTHIE FOR ME! btrainbannerut I didn’t like that smoothie. UGH it had ginger in it.  And then we played on a big old train.


And mummy gave more strangers leaflets.

And then I climbed up railings, hangingand hung upside down from railings, and then mummy bought me FRUIT SALAD!

And afterwards we went to the Olympic Park with MY FRIEND ROHAN and we ran and ran and ran all day with sticks and ate flapjacks and slid down slides together and fired spider webs in the river and then went home.

ivy roro 3 photos


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