Canvassing. And Dogs with Rosettes.


In the midst of a flurry of busy emails this week I got one that stood out:

An actual volunteer opportunity actively encouraging me to bring Ivy!

“On Sunday we have a “family canvassing morning” designed to be inclusive for children to come along (a child though is not required to attend!). It will be great fun, and is taking place in a beautiful, quiet and safe residential area with a lot of support.”

How exciting! I was so impressed with this that I got them to send me a picture of how it went…  family can2

…and was then even MORE impressed that the dog got to wear a rosette.  Great stuff Lambeth Greens!

So what’s it like with the kids about?

“We received a wonderful response on the doorstep and it’s much more fun with the kids around.

“We found that there was a great sense of teamwork with kids ringing the doorbells and knocking on doors, and then posting the ‘sorry we missed you’ cards when people were out.”

Some things are just more fun with more people.  Especially small people that like being postmen…!



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