Guitar-led Fundraising.

Sorry – yet more cake.  But this is CLASS.  This blog post is written entirely by James and Alex… Well done lads!  Future Volunteer Co-ordinators…?!

jamesalexcropPhilippines Fundraiser.  By James and Alex Quin.

“I felt on top of the world,really happy and quite popular! Its nice to know that the money we raised will help keep people safe.”  James

“I felt happy to know that the people in the Philippines will now get what they need”  Alex

photoinpaperOn the 8th of November a devastating typhoon hit the Philippines leaving thousands of people dead or in pain. Homes where completely flattened, destroyed or swept away. There was no water or food or medication.

I actually have a friend who lives in the Philippines and he was there when the typhoon hit.  Once my twin brother Alex and I heard about this, we where very worried because we didn’t know if he was alive or dead. So we wanted to start a fund-raiser to help the people of the Philippines.

Marlon and I met in reception class. We became great friends. He liked drawing and teaching us some Filipino words. He would like to talk about the Philippines and tell us about his house. But soon at the end of year three he had to leave to go back the the Philippines. I saw Marlon again in year 4 about a year after he left when he came to visit.

I wrote a letter to My headteacher Mr Giles saying we wanted to do a fundraiser:

Dear Mr Giles.

As there has been a Cyclone in the Philippines, we would like to do a fundraiser to give money to the homeless and hungry people. We do need some support so can you get the word about? Mt friend Marlon lives in the Philippines and we do not know if he is dead or alive.

Alex thought we could do a coffee, cakes and games morning with musical entertainment by the Boxford School advanced Guiatar group. Ill make a letter asking for mummies to bake cakes whist FOBS can buy tea and coffee. The children can bring in board games.

I hope you will consider this idea. If you do many people will live to see another day. If you don’t further devastation will happen.

Yours Sincerely

James and Alex Quin.”

When Mr Giles read this he said “This is a fantastic letter and I am Very pleased with your enthusiasm.” So a date for the first of December was decided. The word got about very quickly and everyone wanted to help. As so many people wanted to help we chose eight people, Jessica Griggs, Annabel Harris, Amy Harris, Milly Grayham, Thomas Munson, Ben Brackely and Fiontan Connanly because they came up with the best ideas. Ben, Fiontan and I did musical entertainment because we are the best. My mum made a Justgiving page and Mr Giles sent a letter to the parents.1483351_10202360597834193_1330803830_n

On the big day, people started to arrive and some of the year 1s came and had a cake as well. The music  was going very well and everyone was enjoying listening to the guitars.  At about 3:00 I went around the playground with Thomas Munson  selling our cakes to the people waiting for their children. Some of them even donated ten pounds!! Most paid £1.00 for a lovely cake to take home with them for tea.

After it had finished we counted a least £192 in the pot, which we all thought was a lot but we were wrong because the next day we got an extra £100 pounds from school. On Wednesday we did a raffle and by Friday we had £500!

On Thursday we were in the paper!photoinpaper

A few days later my mum sent an email to the the Philippine embassy and luckily enough we got a message back from them saying that they were very pleased with what we had done and wanted to find out the details of our school also the names of the people that helped. Then we got a really great letter from the Ambassador!



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